Why Lighting?

With energy use under the microscope and generous government and utility incentives available, energy conservation projects are on the minds of many building owners and tenants. Lighting typically accounts for 30% or more of a building’s energy use, so it makes sense to evaluate lighting retrofits or replacements. Lighting also has a significant impact on many, and probably all, of your building’s primary functions.

How lighting costs you money:

  • It directly consumes electricity
  • It increases Peak Demand charges
  • It impacts cooling and/or heating costs

How lighting can work for you:

  • Lighting improvements have been linked to improvement in student test scores, increases in retail sales, and reduced employee absenteeism. It makes no sense to simply save money on lighting without considering its purpose.
  • Lighting is a science. Electrical contractors can install lighting, but may not make the best design decisions for your workplace. Only a qualified lighting technical design firm can do that.
  • Executed correctly, lighting can result in savings of 15-50% within an acceptable simple payback period of 2-5 years.*

Energy Used in Commercial Lighting

Cost of Lighting